K-9 Cottage


OBEDIENCE tRAINING PROGRAMS OFFErED: ​in conjunction with A+ Obedience training 

Help your dog be "the best dog in the neighborhood" by giving them the tools they need to be successful. We work with you and members of your family to cultivate your dog to be a great member of your family and society!


Dog Day Care is available Monday-Friday. As a TRUE SOCIALIZATION of dogs, areas for resting are available, but dogs are free to roam, play or even just watch as the day passes by. All dogs in our care do obedience work every day! It may just be a simple sit/stay, or it may be more complicated heel drills. Leash manners are always emphasized. Dogs are here for love and affection and they get PLENTY! We can be found sitting on the floor cuddling or walking through the pack giving lovin'!! When you entrust your dog to us at the Cottage, we treat them like family! Who doesn't like going to their favorite Aunt's house for the day? RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED!

Day care pricing ranges from $21-$30 per day per dog

Socialization Training Days are also available Monday-Friday. This is a Day Care program for dogs that have not had experience with socializing in their lifetime or have difficulties with other dogs. This program offers your pet the necessary instruction and guidance as they learn the how-to's of being a social dog. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED!

Pricing based on individual needs of student

American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen certification is for owner's who would like their dog to earn CGC. It teaches your dog proper etiquette for participating in programs in nursing homes, hospitals, schools and more. The national test is given in the final class and guidelines for certification must be met.

Group Training Classes are offered on a regular basis. Our class size is kept small, 8-10 dogs max.) to enable the instructor(s) the opportunity to give each family the attention that they need. Although we follow a curriculum that is based on 6 weeks, we are flexible in our teaching schedule and style. We offer training classes on Saturdays and classes are usually set up by age and/or previous training experience.

Individualized Obedience Training is offered to best meet the needs of your dog and family. The program involves members of the family to assure that the dog understands their role in the "pack". A correction and reward system is used to help you have the dog of your dreams! These lessons are held primarily on weekends for the convenience of our training clients.

Requirements for participation in EITHER above program:

Current PA County License

Current Rabies Vaccine

Current DHLPP Vaccine

Kennel Cough Vaccine ever 6 months

​Monthly Flea and Tick preventative​​

Canine Influenza Vaccine